Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Days...

It is kind of hard to see the fog in this picture, but there was a low lying fog on the ground. The sun was just coming up and hitting the top of the barn. It was beautiful.

That same morning, there was a spider convention in our yard. It is amazing that there is no webs there at night and then next morning there are dozens of them all around the yard and in the weeds.

One of our friends came to fish in our pond. He caught this monster catfish. He did throw it back.

Remember the chrysalis I showed you.... well George has emerged!!! Isn't he beautiful? I put him out on my wreath to let his wings dry.

This puppy is so much fun to watch. She loves her pork. :) This is a little stuffed pig I had laying around. It is really soft and I thought it might be a sleeping buddy for Skye. She loves to chew on it.

She is starting to become a little pudge. :) She loves to eat. I weighed her today. She is up to 4.36 pounds. I had a hard time finding a collar that was small enough to fit her neck. We like to put her on a leash when we take her out at night. She would make a nice owl snack, so we don't want her getting too far away from us. She hates her collar. She is always scratching at it. She walks all curled around trying to decide if she is going to take another step or scratch. :)

I had left over dog chew toys from Dixie. I also got a few more at a clearance sale. I know how puppies love to chew and I wanted to be sure she had plenty to chew on instead of our shoes or furniture. I used have saved my money. Here are 2 of her favorites. One is a stick and the other a rock she got in our driveway. :)

Last night I was outside with both dogs. Star has a bone out there we had given to her. Skye kept trying to get it and Star finally barked right in her face really loud and she backed off. Then when Skye saw the chance, she snatched the bone and came running as fast as her short legs would carry her to sit down next to me. Star ambled over and when she saw her chance, snatched it back and went back over where she had been and laid down to guard it.

Skye does not like being out in the sun. She runs for the closest shade. Here she is high tailing it to get under one of our lawn chairs.

I sat her down in the side yard to try and get her to go to the bathroom. She took off for the front porch. :) When she is in the house, she likes to be in the air conditioned office.

Our Black-eyed Susans did really well this year.

I love Summer. Today for lunch I had a sliced cucumber from our garden, a tomato we got at a road side stand, about 10 blueberries from our bush and about 10 blackberries from one of the brambles out by the barn. :) YUM!!!


Mid-Life Meandering said...

Thank you for posting more Skye pictures. She is such a cutie, soooo round. She will outgrow that collar in no time at the rate she is growing. Can really see the red in her fur in the outside shots.

God bless.

Sharon said...

George is beautiful! Skye is a cutie pie! I love your black-eyed pretty!

-Brad- said...

Nice cat fish!