Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh The Wonders of Spring!!!

I am hoping and praying that my Wisteria will bloom again this year. Here are the buds on it. They get bigger each day. We are supposed to have some lows in the low 30's this weekend. I am praying it does not kill them.

The sheep are enjoying the green grass. They sure keep it cut for us.

Here are my lilac buds. They are starting top open a wee little bit.

There are blue eggs in my bluebird box. I am not sure if they are from a bluebird or not though. I will have to keep a close watch.

The May Apples are up. They look like a group of little umbrellas.

The chicks are 1 week old. Here is a picture of them in the brooder this morning. This is before I filled their feeders and cleaned out their waterers and refilled them.

Here is a video that shows you just how loud and rambunctious a batch of chicks can be. :)

These are the flowers starting to open on the Flowering Crab Apple Tree. I love the color of the blooms.

These are the Spring Beauties. They are all through the woods and the edges of the yard nearest the woods.

The Peach Tree is blooming. Only half the tree is left. The other half fell off in a storm.

The grapevines are starting to put out leaf buds.
This is what I saw when I was walking out of the woods. It is the tiny cherries starting to come out on a wild cherry tree.

Here is a close up of the Spring Beauties.

The Apple Trees are blooming.

I have HUGE patches of violets, but when you try to take a picture to capture the beauty, they don't even show up good.
Here is one of the patches.

Spring is a time of year for new beginnings. It is a time to take stock of all the things in your life and see how you are faring. Are you too busy and need to get rid of some things? Do you need to reach out to others more? Take some time to ask the Lord to show you what He sees for you in the near future. :)

3 comments: TN said...

Marci, I love all the spring pictures and the baby chicks. That brings back memories of my Mother. She always had a big carboard box of chickens in the spring. And they would be somewhere in the house. I loved it and still do!

Teresa said...

Violets and dandy-lions are my ideal yard! Those lovely yellow and purple blooms while the green leaves hardly get tall enough to mow, plus you can eat them if you wanted to. Not to mention the beckoning of blowing on the seed heads to make a wish!

Thanks for sharing, as always. I hope you are enjoying all your lovely spring adventures.
~ t.

Sharri said...

Love the pics...
didn't know those were called May apples! :)