Friday, April 30, 2010

Blooms and Birds

Two nights this week we got a heavy frost. I covered my Wisteria with sheets. Some of the little branches got bit, but the rest is blooming beautifully!!!

They smell heavenly!!!!

These baby birds (I think there are four of them) are in the bluebird house. I am not sure if they are bluebirds or not. I have not seen any of the parent birds hanging around or going in an out. Anyone care to guess if they are bluebirds or not? Any experts out there?

The Honeysuckle bush is blooming as well. The children who live on our property play underneath it. They say it is a train station. I am not sure if they will continue playing under it once the bees find the blossoms.

This is the second weekend in a row that we are supposed to have rain and storms. We need to get the chicks out into the field. They are getting too big and too many for the brooder.

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