Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wow, it is really SPRING!!!

I know that Spring always comes on with a bang, but this year, it has jumped like crazy. It gives a new meaning to the word, SPRING.

Here is our Bradford Pear tree on April 3rd of this year. That is just 4 days ago.

Here it is today!!!

Here is our Forsythia bush on March 31st.

Here it is on April 3rd.

Here is the lilac bush on the 31st of March.

Here is it today, just one week later. :)

The asparagus is leaping upwards. There is already some to pick!!!

Our garlic is doing wonderfully.

The white Daffodils are always the last to bloom.

The Spring Beauties are popping up everywhere. The color on this picture is horrible. Sorry.

Do you Sedum? :) It has doubled in size in just a couple of days.

Our Wisteria vine is putting out buds. It has only bloomed one year, but it was gorgeous and smelled oh so sweet.
I found the first Violets. They really are purple. I am having problems with my camera or something.

There are patches of Dandelions everywhere.

My Comfrey has also doubled in size in just a few days.
I found Tulips blooming at the back of the house.

This was a little tiny one hiding behind some greenery.

These are double Daffodils. I have a bunch of those as well.

Have you noticed Spring coming on with a surge this year?


Sharon said...

Nice Spring pictures! It has felt like summertime here in GA the past few days...ugh! Thankfully, a front is passing through tomorrow and we'll be back to our Spring weather temps.

Amy said...

I, too, am so happy for spring! I posted photos today on my blog of the gorgeous lilacs and the peonys that will be open soon.