Friday, June 29, 2007


Yesterday, my Dad called and told me he was coming over for breakfast. =) I was more than happy to fix breakfast for my Dad. I am glad he feels like he can call and ask that. It was good to have another visit with him. He has been up here in Ohio for about 7 weeks. Now that all the family get togethers are over, he will be heading home next week sometime. It might be awhile before I get to see him again, so that is another reason to be thankful for the visit.

The children next door got involved in 4-H this year. I always loved 4-H with Joshua. One of the projects that the girl did was a dog training class. She needed a picture of the dog for her book. So, she came over and I took a picture of her with Sam their dog. Sam is such a good dog. He is huge though. It looks like he is smiling a bit in this picture.

Well, the official name of our new little heifer calf is Clover. We were calling her Sweet Pea, but she just looks like a Clover. She is so adorable. She has been over with 2 of our little steer calves for a couple of days now. She caught on to the bottle right away and will already come right to you. Here are a couple of pictures of her.

I saw this weird looking butterfly in the grass. I had my camera with me as usual, so I took a picture and then never thought anymore of it. However, when I blew the picture up big, I think it is two butterflies mating. If you click on it, you will see a bigger version.

We got some much needed rain. Our garden is in MUCH need of weeding. =) I will have to take a picture of it. We have these HUGE volunteer squash or pumpkin plants. I am waiting to see what they produce before I rip them out. They are the healthiest thing out there. =)

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Anonymous said...

Love the new calf's name!
She's adorable. Will you be keeping her??