Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cows and Such...

Last night, it looked like we were going to get rain, but it went on by. The rain has been very spotty around here. My friend Ginny lives about 7 miles from me and they got a soaker. Her garden was too wet to work in. My garden is dry and needs the sprinkler turned on. Here is what the sky looked like.

Here is the southside of a northbound cow. =) This is Buttercup. Does she look pregnant to you?

Here is a picture of Stu and Phil. Stu is on the left. He has adopted Molasses as mother and is totally nursing off her with no bottles. Phil is bottle fed. You can tell the difference by looking at their ribs.

This last one is Molasses and Patty. Patty is well rounded having being raised on his mom from the beginning. He is also half beef.

I will have to take pictures of my pole bean trellis the neighbor children helped me to put up. We used the rest of the left over sunflower stalks. I planted Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans at the base of each support.

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Anonymous said...

Just what is a half beef?? What is the other half? bettyhiggins@verizon.net