Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, I was awakened with a start and a great RUSH of adrenaline. I moved my head and thought that my hair was tickling my arm. I looked and there was a dark brown centipede crawling on my arm in my bed. I swatted it and it hit the sheets and started coming back at me. Needless to say, it is no more, but YUCK.... Not in my bed!!!!!!

This is a GREAT picture of a GREAT dog!!! Star has been the best dog we have ever had or seen. The tennis ball in front of her is her favorite toy. She will chase balls for hours. Joshua bats them to her and she catches them and returns them to him. As she gets tired, she brings them close, but not all the way. =)

These pigeons live in our big barn and poop on our hay. They keep multiplying. If they fly low enough, and Star is up on a hay bale, she jumps and gets them. She loves to try and chase them out of the barn.

I was playing with my new telephoto lens on my camera. I was shocked that the airplane is as visible as it is on this picture. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I had good help again today. One of them weeded my flower beds (which were HORRIBLE) and the other one cleaned out the room in the big barn that will be the milk parlor. They did some other jobs as well. I want to pay them well and keep them coming!!! =) Here is another shot of my shelf on the barn wall.

Still no calf, although we keep watching her. We did put the head gate up for when we milk Molasses. A head gate is something that you put the cows head through and then lock around her neck. It keeps her in one place while you milk her. We just rigged it up in a temporary way. She has been a bit ornery lately.


Peggy said...

I would love to come spend the day with you pulling weeds and visiting your farm.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Star sure is a beauty! Hope she catches some of the pigeons, they can be so annoying!

Anonymous said...

The flowers on your shelf are very pretty!

Julieann said...

I loved all the pictures!! Oh, the centipede would have scared me waking up to it.

I enjoyed this post:)


Kelli said...

Ooh..a centipede in the bed doesn't sound fun at all! Your barn shelf with the flowers is so pretty and the airplane shot is great!

Patty said...

ohhhh, i would not like a centipead in bed or anywhere