Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our Friends Are Gone =(

Our friends left this morning for Florida. The house is empty and quiet. No little bodies to hug, snuggle and read to. No fat little cheeks to kiss. No little voices saying the cutest things. It is almost tomb like. I am so grateful for the visit, but it was way too short. I think it is a rare thing in life to get friends that you bond with like we have with these friends. I don't know if it was just the time in life that we met and what we went through together or if our hearts were meant to be linked like they are. Most times when people come to see us, it is sad to see them go, but we are sort of relieved to get back into the swing of things and have a normal schedule. It has never been that way with this family. We would have loved to have them another week or two or three. It is like another tearing away from each other when they leave. It needs a little time to heal up. Anyway, we had a WONDERFUL visit.

We did get some snow as you can see from the pictures. We did not get very much, but the children were thrilled. They even built a little snowman to leave in the yard for me. He is still there, but the neighbor's dog knocked him over, so he is beside himself. =)

Our friends brought one of their dogs as he is old and they were not sure how he would do with out them. Rusty had a great time. Our one dog, Star was a bit jealous, but she will get over it. When Rusty was outside, he would get all frisky and roll over onto his back and just wiggle. Our other dog, Belle, let him know not to come near her when she was eating, or at least she thought she did. She would growl at him, but since he is deaf, she didn't bother him a bit. =) Two different mornings when we came down, Belle was in front of the stove on Rusty's bed and he was over in the living room area where it is colder. I will have to teach the dogs about hospitality.


Kristi said...

Ohhhh, that doggie story was almost pitiful. :( Dogs just don't know about hospitality, do they? LOL

Peggy said...

what a lovely time you and your friends had! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends

Emily said...

Oh Marci, I hate saying goodbye to people I love, too. I wish everyone I care about could all live next door! It must have been such a blessing to have been able to spend some time with your friends making memories. The kids look so gleeful with that little snowman! I bet they'll be talking about their vacation in the snow for a long time.

The Bradshaws said...


We've had snow predicted several times this winter, too, including the perfunctory Christmas snow forecast, but we know not to get too excited. Occasionally, the snow actually happens, but rarely. However, when it does, what fun we have!

Also, we know very well the empty feeling that sets in after special friends leave. Hopes for a "speedy recovery!"

Mary Susan

CONNIE W said...

I enjoy the photos taken in the snow, they're so pretty & inspring.