Monday, January 08, 2007

The Lord Keeps Us Guessing!! =)

It rained all day yesterday. The ground here is totally saturated. You mush down into the mud under the grass as you walk. There are little puddles sitting everywhere. Last night it got down to around 30 degrees (at least that was predicted), yet there was still a cold wet rain this morning. My husband left here for work and it was still raining a bit, but it was letting up. He called me when he got near his work. He said it was snowing hard and that it was swirling all around down on the ground. Then while we were talking it quit snowing where he was. It was just a little pocket of snow. =)

They are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow, but at the very most they say we will get an inch. Sometimes when they say that we get a whole bunch (I will hope for that), and other times we don't even get any.

Right now it is 34 degrees and the sun keeps playing hide and seek. It is one of those days of winter contrasts. The sky is blue in spots and has whiter clouds in others. In some places there are big dark clouds that look pregnant with snow. The wind is blowing and the clouds go scurrying across the sky. When they do that, you see sunlight dancing across the field outside. Oh, I never tire of watching God's beautiful nature He created for us.

Today is my God's World group. We are going to be talking about bluebirds. Two of the children are scheduled to do a demonstration of some sort. We are going to be making pinecone birdfeeders. My niece in Florida sent me some beautiful large pinecones to use. I will post a picture when it is over.

What is your weather doing?


Kristi said...

We've made the pinecone birdfeeders before. They are so neat.

Snow sounds nice. We've had spring and late summer weather here. Lots of rain yesterday and Saturday. I'm still waiting for a COLD freeze to settle in.


LadySnow said...

Looks like they had fun making the pinecone birdfeeders. ;)

Teresa said...

Hi, Marci! Here in south central KY it has been unseansonaly warm too, and rainy...66 on Saturday. Today is cold (42) and dry but a chance of flurries tonight (for the first time this winter!)

Your description of the saturated ground is a perfect description for our yesterday. Around our construction site I was literally ankle deep in gooey, red-clay mud as we tried to spread plastic sheeting in a desperate attempt to keep the water from soaking into the unpacked ground behind the house. So if you get some snow, try to post a picture for all of us that are missing it!!

Love the pic of the kiddies having fun!

Kelli said...

What a great picture! I'll bet the birds will be happy with their treats! It got down to 32 last night. Benjamin had to break through the bird bath water with a wooden spoon this morning! Our highs have been in the 50's.

Emily said...

We've got mud, too, and lots of it! Like stepping in chocolate pudding but not as pleasant! :) It started raining last night and poured throughout much of the day today. Finally started slowing down late afternoon, then the sun popped out for a visit right before dusk. Temps are back down in the low to mid forties. Not springlike anymore, but no snow predicted this week either. Can't say I'm disappointed. Hope tomorrow's a dry one since there are some outdoor chores to be done. I am enjoying all the surprises the Lord is sending our way, no matter what we get!

Jthemilker said...

Western PA is cold and wet as well. We had a nice dusting of snow throughout the day. We don't expect it to hold very long tho.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Well, in the Turtle Mountains we still have snow! It was nice and sunny today as well.