Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Two Beggars

Our dogs have never learned their manners when it comes to begging. Most of the time while we are eating, they are not in the house. My son was having a sandwich and well.... He is open game to them because he is quick to send a nibble their way!!!

Even though we now live in Ohio, Joshua was basically raised in Florida. We moved there shortly after he turned 3 and he was 15 when we moved back to Ohio. I am not a sports fan (especially football), but my two guys are. They are Notre Dame fans first of all, but then Joshua likes the Gators. He bought this hat when OSU was playing the Gators. He was looking everywhere this morning for his hat before he left the house. He did not find it. When we left to go to our fellowship, it was light out and the picture above shows what we saw. We have no idea who put it on our snowman.

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Kelli said...

What a great picture of your dogs! They are just waiting for that hand to move for a little bite of sandwich!