Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Today, the weather can not make up its mind. I saw it snowing and just ran out and took the pictures you see above. On the last one, you can see the sun trying to peek through the clowds and the snow flakes. I came in, downloaded the pictures and then cropped them. I sat down here to post them to my blog. I looked outside as I was uploading the pictures and what did I see... bright sunshine and not a sign of a snowflake. =)

The wind was really blowing earlier. I was having lots of snow tornados between the house and the shed barn. They would swirl down off the roof blowing the snow around and when they came down between the house and barn, they would turn into little tornados. It was really fascinating to watch.

The ground is frozen solid. It is supposed to get down into the single digits tonight. As I was walking out to do my chores today, I stepped on a raised area that was frozen (probably a frozen manure ball from when we spread it on the garden). My foot slid down the side of it and down I went. I ended up laying on my stomach in the snow. Now, I LOVE snow, but do not like laying in it. I was not hurt really, just had sore knees. My dress, and coat and mittens were covered in snow. I was glad that no one was here to see my gracefulness!!

Today again, the weather reminds me of life. We have no idea when the cold winds of trials will blow. The sun is shining and everything is rosy and then there is a blizzard. However, the blizzard always ends and we have sunshine again. I am reminded of a plaque that I gave my Dad when he was recovering from a head-on collision. It said, "Sometimes God calms the storm. Other times He holds the child and lets the storm rage." As long as we are connected to The Rock and He is our anchor, we do not need to fear the bad times or the trials. I was just reading this morning in a devotional by Elizabeth Elliot. It said, "I will remind them, too, that the Bible does not speak of problems. As Corrie ten Boom says, "God has no problems, only plans." We ought to think not of problems but of purpose. We encounter the obstacle, we make a choice--always with the goal in mind." I really liked that. So, when your blizzard starts (it will as we are not promised a life without trials) remember to look to The One who is holding you. He is accomplishing His plan in your life.


LadySnow said...

I know....the weather was so crazy today! Titus loved watching the snow come down....for the couple minutes it did...then, like you said, the sun would come out. Thank you so much for the reminder too about the "storms" of life. Hope you stay warm tonight1

Tina Leigh said...

Hey my hi-speed internet finally!! I cant get over how pretty it is there!! Wow! I've never seen anything like that! It is just dead looking here, 50's at night. Some pretty profound thinking your doing...I'm glad your sharing it. God is good...even when the circumstances are bad.

Kelli said...

I love the snow pictures you share with us, Marci!!

Peggy said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you as it was just what I needed today.

Emily said...

Oh Marci, I'm glad you're okay from your fall. I'm so terrified of that happening to me I refuse to cross the yard at all. We're enduring sub-zero wind chills here today though the sun is shining brightly. Froze the sink pipes in the bathroom. :( Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post!