Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still Putting Up the Harvest!!!

We got 10 quarts of sauerkraut. We are trying a new way and not canning 2 of them. I marked them and we will eat them last and see how we like it. I have read and heard of people just putting it in the jars and letting it go. I know it is better for you, but I am not sure how strong it will get.

Another batch of meat birds got butchered last Friday night. We already have our chicken for the year in the freezer, but I wanted to can some, so we kept 8 from this batch. By the way, the normal average weight on one of our broilers is 4.5 to 5 lbs. This last batch had an average weight of 6.1 lbs. :) On Tuesday night, we cut up the 8 chickens. We put the boneless skinless breasts 2 to a bag and leg quarters 2 to a bag. These all went in the freezer. Yesterday, I cooked the rest of the carcass and picked off the meat. Today, I am canning the meat and the broth. I got 10 pints of meat and so far I have 14 quarts of broth. I have at least another gallon to go. It will be so nice having this on the shelf.

I thought you would like to see a picture of the new little calf standing up. We still have not given her a name. We have gotten a bunch of them though. I may pick my favorite top 5 and put a poll on here. :)

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Mosaic said...

I am so missing canning this year!

Next year we're putting the garden out again. Thing is with my canning is that I think the jars look so pretty and I'm so proud of them that I don't want to use them! LOL!

The calf is absolutely adorable. :)