Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help Name the Little Heifer

I would like to hear some name suggestions for this little heifer. Her Momma's name is Clover and her Grandma is Buttercup. She will be put in the freezer one day as well. I thought about Daisy, but Michael said no and then told me a story why. :) I would like to hear your suggestions. Here are pictures of the little one from this morning. She is so soft and sweet.


Faith said...

She's a sweetheart!

Going in the theme of small, spring flowers, Buttercup, Clover, next could be violet.


Emily Elizabeth said...

What about "Cocoa"?
She is just too cute and sweet! I want one! :P

LadySnow said... name suggestions..but she is a cutie. :-)

Perri said...

Buttercup and Clover are both found in a about meadowlark or meadow. My first thought was Daisy as well.

Anonymous said...



I like Meadow as Perri mentioned.

Well, there's some ideas!

Anonymous said...

How about Fudge, Lark, Dandy (Dandelion:), or Shee (it means Elf)

The Dearborn Family said...

Awww, I think Meadow is cute too. I thought of Molasses or Taffy when I first swa her, she is such a beautiful color!