Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's A Girl!!

I thought I would put some other pictures and thoughts at the top of this post so that I could warn you that there are birth pictures below. This way, you can read this part and not see the birthing pictures. If you are squeamish you might not want to read this post.

I want to thank my dear friends and neighbors. I was having a discouraging day today. I had so much to accomplish and my leg was bothering me. I cut up and froze 10 quarts of bell pepper strips. I also checked my sauerkraut and it was done, so I canned it. They caught Michael out in the field and asked us to come over for some watermelon. He told them that once we came in from chores that we had to cut up chickens. Here came Mrs. WN and the WN girl. They were coming to bring us watermelon and help me cut up chickens. Before they got to the house, they realized the cow was having her baby. So, they came and got me and out we went. My leg hurts if I stand on it too long. We were out watching the cow and it was getting pretty bad. Without saying a word, the WN girl went and got the lawn chairs from our front yard and brought them out so I could sit down. That is the kind of people they are. I almost cried. I was so thankful.

While I was sitting out in the pasture, the WN neighbor pointed out what a good picture this view would make.

She then went over the hill the other way to see where the other two cows were.

There were several of these out in the pasture. There is a ring in the grass with mushrooms growing around the outside edge. The WN girl said that it is a spot with fungi and the middle ones die off.

Here starts the birthing pictures. You can see two hooves at this point. Bless her heart, she was really pushing.

Here was the audience. :)

Her udder was so big, that it made her leg stick straight out.

Here you can start to see the snout and the tongue. :)

At this point, she had been pushing hard for awhile and not making any headway. The calf was breathing and snorting. We did not want it to suffocate.

When she pushed again, Michael grabbed the legs and started pulling. The WN girl got right in there with him and they pulled together. She loves stuff like this and we wanted her to be able to take part.

Here is the little heifer calf out on the ground. The WN girl is cleaning out its mouth and nose. She did not mind her hands getting yucky or anything. That is the kind of help you need.

We had a short scare after the baby was out. The Momma just laid there and did not even try to get up. We finally started pulling on her head and she sat up. Michael brought the calf around to her head and she started cleaning her up right away. Then she stood up to do it proper. The other two cows kept nosing in. Buttercup is such a good Momma, she was acting like it was her calf and pushing her way in. Molasses was just being a pain. :)

Now, we have to come up with a name for this little girl. Her Momma is Clover. However, the baby is half angus and will be hamburger some day.

Well, we got the chickens cut up and the parts we are keeping to grill or whatever are in the freezer. Tomorrow, I will cook down what is left to can the meat and broth. Its also kombucha day tomorrow and I have jalapenos to process.

I have been making water kefir. It is really good. It sort of reminds me of Fresca for those of you who can remember what that tastes like.


Emily Elizabeth said...

So precious! How many cows do y'all have now? :)

Jenna said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the birth and I'm glad that everything went smoothly! I love it when our goats are kidding, but at the same time, I'm very relieved when it's all over;) Birth is such a cool thing.

God Bless You!

goatmilker said...

She is so cute. I'am glad it all went smooth. The best part is they are both fine. That is the bonus when any animal gives birth. God Bless and have a great day. Rebekah

The Dearborn Family said...

Aww, so precious! :)

Perri said...

Your life is so busy. I could never even begin to keep up with all the work you do. You're a modern day pioneer woman :-)

Peggy said...

I never tire of seeing the wonders of birth. What a blessed day you had!

Mosaic said...

Thank-you so much for sharing!!! When our chicks were hatching in the incubator I just watched in amazement! Each new one was as captivating as the previous!