Monday, October 23, 2006

We have a Winner!!!

We have a winner!!!!!

Ginger had the winning caption. There were a couple of close seconds, but her's got the most points. Congratulations Ginger!! Please send me your full name and address to: marci(at)amazinggrazefarm(dot)com.

Well, I am looking out my window here in Ohio and watching it snow lightly. I am sure it will not stick and there won't be enough of it to matter, but it almost NEVER snows in Ohio in October. This is the second time this October that it has happened. I tried to take a picture of the snow falling, but the flakes are too small and there are not enough of them to show up. I have not really heard predictions this year on if the winter will be cold or mild and if we will have lots of snow or close to none. Last year, we did not get a really good freeze and we had so many bugs in the spring and summer. We are hoping for at least one good freeze. We also like snow and love it when we get a big snow. It is very nice this morning to sit in a warm cozy house, look out the window at the fall trees and see it snowing.


Revee said...

Ginger was so excited she won!! I've sent a private email to you.

I love your description of your home this morning - it sounds so comfortable and friendly!

Heather said...

We had mini snowballs here, heavy, but not staying long. Do you realize that it is eight weeks until Christmas? We should be getting lots of snow soon!

Tina Leigh said...

I was wondering if that was my girl Ginger!! Yeah Ginger!!

Kelli said...

Congratualations Ginger!!!!