Sunday, October 22, 2006

Autumn Greetings!!

Twice a day we go out to our goat shed to milk and feed the goats. They are always so happy to see us that they jump up to greet us. They each pick a window in the shed to look at us when we walk into the milk parlor. The first picture is Magnolia. She doesn't like to be touched unless she is the one nuzzling you. Every once in awhile, she will allow one of us to scratch her. She does like to be brushed. She has never kidded, but will be bred this fall. The next picture is of her momma, Honeysuckle. She loves to be scratched and petted as long as it is my husband or I doing it. She is very anxious and nervous around strangers. She kidded in April, but still gives us around a gallon of milk a day. She is a very easy milker like her momma was. We are hoping that Magnolia will be the same.

The next picture is a true contrast of lights. Our tree line is in a shadow of a cloud, but you can see the sun blazing on our neighbor's trees. It seems to set them on fire.

The next picture is looking down our lane (driveway). It makes a sharp left hand turn down at the farthest end you can see. Normally, it is totally covered with multi colored leaves and there is a constant fluttering of leaves falling downward in their last fall dance. This year many of the leaves were knocked off early and have already blown off the driveway.

The last picture is of the kitten that my son is keeping. We are finding new homes for all the rest including the mommas. This kitten is a boy. We have one kitten and two mommas left to find homes for. We are trying to figure out what to name him.


Tina Leigh said...

Beautiful!!! I love the different personalties of the different animals....just like us humans!

Lady_MSnow said...

I knew it Marci! You are going soft on me..keeping one of the kittens. ;)

*** Ducks waiting to have something thrown at her***

Marci said...

Melanie, you should NOT talk to your elders with such sass. =) Remember you are about the same age as my son and I will swat you!!!

If you would read and not laugh, you would see the truth. We are keeping only the one boy kitten (WHICH JOSHUA ASKED TO KEEP) and getting rid of all the girls. Thus, I will not have many cats, but one!!!