Sunday, October 22, 2006


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We decided to do a contest that your children could take part in. The above picture is of one of our sheep. His name is Jacob. I would like for you to come up with a caption for this photo. Instead of one entry per household, we will allow one entry per person so that your children can have a chance at it as well. Each family can just put all your entries in one comment. Just put each persons name with their comment. The contest will run until Sunday evening. We will pick the winner on Monday, the 23rd of October. We will allow a second entry if you link back to this post in your blog and you send us an email with your second entry and a link to your blog post about this contest. Send the emails to: Marci(at)amazinggrazefarm(dot)com. My family will choose the winner. We will be looking for funny and original. The prize will be the book you see below. It is a hardback Lamplighter picture book called the Beggar's Blessing. It is a true story retold by Mark Hamby. It is a great book!!

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