Friday, October 20, 2006

Cloudy Autumn Day

I don't think we are going to have a really pretty autumn this year. There are splashes of color here or there, but we had heavy wind and rain that knocked many of the leaves off before they changed. It was raining lightly this morning. I was walking out to milk this morning and the side yard is very soggy. It made those mucky sounds and sucked at my shoes. I had bought a really nice pair of chore types shoes at the Goodwill. They lasted me several years and then they got holes in them. Two years ago, I found a pair of Land's End clogs at the Goodwill. They were hardly broken in. I have worn them as chore shoes and they are about worn out. However, since they are clogs on days like today, I end up with wet heels. It is cool today (around 47) and I have the woodstove going. It is not roaring, just a nice small fire to keep the chill out of the house. It feels colder when it is cool and it is also damp.

My sheep LOVE this weather. They don't mind the wet as it doesn't get all the way to their skin. Their wool overcoats are not too hot in weather like this. They romp and play more than they did all summer. I do believe they celebrate the cooler weather. =)

I grew a little bit of Calendula this year. I planted it too late and I had just started to get blooms to save, when we were going to get our first heavy frost. I was a little bit bummed about it, as I am going to be making salve and needed many more blossoms. They had not grown very well, because I let the weeds grow up and choke them out. Those same weeds saved their life. Almost all the plants in the garden were killed and turned dark. As I went by this morning, I saw these blooms that are out there waiting to be picked by me. I am thrilled to death. How like the Lord to have a little surprise for me. Thank you Lord for my calendula blooms!!!!


Olivia said...


Are you located in Ohio? I saw some goats at our county fair with a banner over their pen that said Amazing Graze Farm, and thought of your blog.


Karen said...

Hi Marci!
It looks liks a lot of our bright leaves have blown away. I think you're right that we won't get a really colorful show this year. We heard that this weekend is supposed to have the peak leaf color, but maybe that's for southern OH?

Well, I'm off to get some much needed housework done.

Have a great day!

Marci said...

I do live in Ohio. We have not taken goats to a fair for about 5 years though. What fair?

Emily said...

Hi Marci! Our autumn foliage hasn't been the best this year, either. We have been experiencing very high winds and although it is brilliantly sunny today, yesterday we had a terrific storm that destroyed many of remaining plants and tore bushels of leaves off the trees. I know what you mean about the muck. It's almost like spring. I have a wonderful pair of work shoes that I bought online. They're made by Carolina. Hopefully they last many years because they weren't exactly cheap. How very like our Lord to give you that surprise! That's what Anna-Rose and I always say when we come across something delightful during our day. Is calendula a perennial? That's one of the herbs I'd like in my garden for making salves, too. God's blessings to you!

Tina Leigh said...

Marci...a splash of color?! Goodness it's beautiful there! I've never heard of calendula. Pretty there even when it's soggy!!

Olivia said...


It was the Fairfield County fair.