Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Using the Chili Beans

Someone asked on the last post how we use the chili beans.  They are really handy to have on the shelf.  One way is in chili.  Instead of buying the cans of chili beans in the store, we just grab some off of our pantry shelf.  Add tomatoes and ground beef and you have a wonderful chili that is easy to make.  We also use these beans as a burrito filling.  If we are running behind schedule and we need to fix a meal quickly, I can heat up a jar of these and make burritos with them.  Sometimes we also melt cheese on tortilla chips.  Then we take this bean mix and add some salsa, cheese and sour cream and use it to dip the tortilla chips in.  We have used it as a side dish in a meal before as well.  They taste really good plain or in other dishes.  :) 

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The K. Family said...

Thanks! I'm going to try it!