Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tid Bits from Life Around Here

We made our pumpkin ice cream the other night. It was DELICIOUS!!!! I was asked to do a guest post on another blog about it, so if you go visit The Farmer's Daughter, you can see the recipe. :)

The other day, Michael and I saw a woolly worm that was entirely brown. I saw this one yesterday. Hmmm... they are supposed to predict winter, but I am not sure what to think now. :)
I went out to check the calves water.  Here is what I saw when I rounded the corner.  I LOVE Jersey babies.  They are so cute. 

The golden rod is in full bloom. 
The poison ivy is turning red.

I am not sure what these flowers are called.  I have heard them called Asters.
Hope all is well on your homestead!! 

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Sharon said...

Awww! The calf is SO sweet looking! I haven't noticed any wooly worms around here yet. We do have goldenrod blooming everywhere though.