Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Friend Dana

God gave me the great blessing of having Dana as a friend. She was known for her smile and was quick with her laughter. We have been friends a very long time (around 12 years). We were internet friends until last June, when she came to visit me bringing her 3 youngest sons.

Dana fought a valiant battle with breast cancer. Last night, she finished her battle and was welcomed into the arms of Jesus. She left behind a husband, five sons and a daughter-in-law. Please pray for her family as they walk this path.

Good bye for now my sweet friend. I love you and you are an inspiration to me. I hope you and my Mom get to know each other well up there. I will see you both soon!!!!

This was last June when they were here.

Dana got to make cheese while she was here. She had a ball.


Karen Oros said...

Marci, I love how your pictures capture Dana's beautiful face, big hearty laugh and huge heart! I love her and will miss our sister.:-( How wonderful it will be when we're all together one day!!:-D Love you, friend:-)

Sharri said...

What a wonderful tribute and post. It really lets Dana's joy and wonderful spirit shine through!
She'll be missed here on earth, but I'm so glad that she suffers no more...and is sitting at the feet of Jesus today.
My heart goes out to you today as you grieve... TN said...

Marci, what sweet pictures of Dana and her boys. Thank you for giving us a chance to say what an inspriation Dana was to everyone. She never lost her beautiful smile and her friendly and sweet spirit. What a beautiful person she was. Now Heaven is rejoicing as we miss her here on this earth. It won't be long Dana....we are all on the same path!!!!

Lisa said...

In all these years of being "email friends" I saw over and over Dana's joy. Even when things were hard during her cancer battle, she made little mention of the difficulties and instead continued to encourage, to have a can-do attitude, and to smile. She had great faith and loved Jesus. She was devoted to her family and we all knew they were gifts in her life. Dana invited me to come stay with her several times but life always interfered and a visit was put off for "someday". I regret not making that trip, but I know I'll see her in Heaven, and we'll have eternity to laugh and talk. Thank you Lord for blessing my life with Dana. Lisa in NM

Maryanna212000 said...

What a beautiful description of Dana in word and photo! She was always leading, teaching, and vibrantly living even through pain. I was so blessed to have known Dana even though it was only through the internet. Her home was always open and she was always inviting her family on Homestead Heaven to visit. She was truly an example of love and courage. Thanks dear Sister for leaving a beautiful memory! I am so happy she made the visit with Marci last summer. I can imagine Dana as one with many saints singing and dancing around God's throne. Smiling through the tears for our loss.

heatherdmc said...

Although I never had the chance to hear Dana's voice, I can only imagine what her laughter sounds like. She loved life and it came through her posts and pictures!

Rea said...


I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I just started reading your blog today, and my heart hurts for you and Dana's family (and young sons). But as you said, it's just for a season.

Rickki Wallace

Patricia said...

Marci ~ you know how absolutely heart broken I was when you called. I again am shedding the tears of saddness. Our sweet, precious, beatuful friend left us much too early. We live in a world of sin, disease and illness but one day both you and I will again be with Dana... whole and happy with our precious Lord. I pray for Mike and those boys I adore.