Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farm News

There is a lot going on right now, and I was gone most of yesterday, so I did not get a Count Your Blessings Monday post up. I think I will just wait until next Monday.

My Dad's wife had open heart surgery yesterday and came through with flying colors. She is going well today and they are waiting for a room to come open in the step down unit to move her into. My Dad seems to be doing better. I think a lot of it was stress over her.

I have a dear sweet friend who is battling cancer and is in the darkest part of the fight right now. I have been praying for her. She has 5 boys, 3 of which are still very young and she homeschools them. We have been internet friends for about 12 years. We finally met face to face last year when she and her 3 boys came to visit me for 3 days.

On the farm front... Our first batch of broilers will be butchered on the 4th of June. We shored up another pen for the field and got it all ready. Our second batch of broilers is in the brooder right now. We also have 2 roosters and 3 little hens in another pen waiting to get big enough to put in with our layers. I have a banty hen sitting on a nest.

The sheep and lambs are doing well. We have them in our side yard right now. The lambs have been trying to climb the slide on the swingset. :) We will be banding the little boys soon.

I am in a battle with English (or House) Sparrows. They have killed 4 adult bluebirds that have tried to build a nest in my box out there. Today, I found a dead tree swallow in the nest. I have changed my seed to all black oil sunflower seed and I will be putting up some sort of deterrent as well.

We planted more fruit trees and grapes this year. I was really hoping for plums this year, but I don't see that happening as I have not seen any blossoms. I need to read up on what plum trees need.

We got our garden fence up and the garden tilled. Our son and daughter-in-love have some of their plants in the garden (they are sharing part of ours). I did get my scarecrow lady some new clothes this year. Her others were a disgrace. :) I hit the half price rack at Goodwill.

Here are some recent pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

The pen with the green tarp has the laying chicks in it.

I LOVE the coloring on her face. We may keep her and breed her.

After the scare right before Christmas, Star is doing wonderfully. She is 13 1/2 years old. We have been giving her raw yogurt, a raw egg and herbal berry brew every day.

This is my scarecrow. Her name is Tallulah Brianna. :)

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