Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthdays Today!!

Today is Michael's birthday. He is the sweetest most gentle and patient man there is. I am so grateful for his friendship and his love. He is a behind the scenes worker. He is willing to help and do just about anything. He is my Mr. Steady.

Here are some pictures of him through the years. We have grown up together pretty much. I LOVED his wild red curls. I would still love the wild man look on him, but he has an office job. :)

This was in the mountains of North Carolina on the weekend of our 25th wedding anniversary. He went down to find me a special rock to paint on.

This is my farmer man. :) I love him more than words can tell.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michael. I love you and hope your day is as special as you are!!!

Somebody else has a birthday today as well. My niece Kati. She too has red hair which has earned her the lovable nickname of Sweet Tater Bug. :)

Happy Birthday, Kati!!! Have a wonderful day!!


Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to Michael and Kati!

Patricia said...

Happy birthday Michael and Kati!! I love the potos you shared. It just shows Michael's personality. and Kati is one beautiful little girl!!
Blessings to them both ~ <3

Carli Heringer said...

Lexi likes your blog post! She saw Kati's pics and started saying "Kati! Kati!" Very sweet! Happy Birthday Uncle Mike and Kati! Love you both!!!