Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This and That on the Farm

Skye will be one year old in June. She still acts like a baby in the evening. :) Normally, she is doing this on me, but occasionally on Michael like in this picture. We have a recliner in our office. When Michael is working on the computer or checking news, etc. I sit back there and will read. The pup started coming in there in the evening and climbing gently into my lap. She gets all sleepy eyed and often falls asleep on our lap. Then when you tell her it's bed time, she gets down and goes to her sleeping place. :) For anyone who knows me, they know this is really weird. I love dogs, but I love them to be outside and not on me. This one has stolen my heart.

Michael grilled for the first time on his, "new to him", Holland grill. He did steak and asparagus from our garden. It was SO GOOD!!!

Here is our first batch of broilers at 3.5 weeks old. They are growing really fast. They would have gone out on pasture this past weekend if it had been nice. They will go out one evening this week.

The sheep are loving it that we have Spring grass. I love to watch them. It is very peaceful.

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