Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Save 50% on Jonathan Park Albums

Thank you for Jonathan Park! I cannot put into words how much it has blessed our family! My husband and I enjoy it as much as our eight-year-old son. My son is fascinated and is learning so many scientific and Biblical facts. —A Jonathan Park fan

Introduce Your Family to Jonathan Park!
Choose Any Three or More Albums, Save 50%

For years, the Jonathan Park radio drama has been Vision Forum’s bestselling product. Filled with dramatic tales of adventure, exploration, and testimonies to God’s creation, parents and children alike have become passionate fans of this educational, exciting series.

Now we encourage you to try Jonathan Park with your family, and at a great price!

This is Shadow, one of the stars of Jonathan Park.

For three days only, save 50% when you purchase three or more albums from our Jonathan Park radio drama collection. Simply add the albums to your cart, and your price will drop to just $12.50 per album. Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity for huge savings on Jonathan Park! Mix and Match — View the Jonathan Park Collection And Choose 3 or More Albums for 50% Savings

Let the Excitement of Radio Drama Help Your Children Learn to Defend Their Faith

Calling all boys and girls with vivid imaginations and a love for adventure!

For decades, radio dramas entertained and inspired Americans of all ages. From masked cowboys protecting the western plains, to savvy detectives matching wits with the most ingenious criminal minds of their day, radio’s “Golden Age” created thrilling worlds in the minds’ eyes of millions.

Now with the Jonathan Park radio drama, Vision Forum uses the best elements of old-time radio and combines them with a distinctly Christian worldview, telling exciting stories filled with powerful truth about God’s creation. Not only does Jonathan Park make for entertaining “theatre of the mind,” more importantly it helps parents teach their children to defend Christianity and creation against evolutionism.

As they listen to Jonathan Park, your children will travel the globe with young Jonathan and the Creation Response Team, finding evidence for a created world all around us — from Flood-period dinosaur fossils to modern-day volcanoes. Join with them as they search for stolen manuscripts, build a creation museum, and confront evolutionists with the true history of our world!

50% Savings Ends February 11
Don’t miss this opportunity to inexpensively introduce Jonathan Park to your family. This sale may not be applied to past orders, and ends at midnight on February 11, 2011 (CDT).

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