Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eat Good Whole Foods

We try really hard to eat healthy whole foods. We often hear how people say that they can't afford to eat healthy. Organic food is more expensive, but you can pay up front or pay the doctor down the road. I love the quote by Joel Salatin, "You think my food is expensive, have you priced cancer?" I do realize though that it is hard to eat totally organic, plus, organic is not always what we think any more. I have found a way to buy a few of the things we like at really good prices and I want to share them with you.

Crackers (actually Saltines) are one of my biggest comfort foods. However, most of them have high fructose corn syrup and other yuck in them. We found some crackers at the bent and dent store that we really liked. They were organic and made with stone ground wheat. I priced them in the store and they were pretty pricey. However, I found them at Then when we went to put them in our cart, I noticed the subscribe and save option that was given. This made them even cheaper and I got free shipping to boot.

You see the price above is $16.44 for the case, but if you do the subscribe and save it is only $13.97 and free shipping. You can put that you want them only every 6 months if you would like. You can also cancel at any time. I had also ordered a different flavor of these to try and they were so good, I figured I did not want them in the house (no self control with them) and I canceled that one.

I also was having trouble finding some teas I like. I not only found them at Amazon, but I can get them cheaper there. If you do decide to buy any of these items from Amazon, I would appreciate you using one of my links so I get credit.

Another way to find food at a better price is to buy in bulk through a co-op or bulk food store. Buy basic foods that you make things with. It is much cheaper per serving to buy a 25# or 50# bag of oats and make oatmeal than to buy the ready made you just add water, or even the Quaker oats in the canister. Plus, look at the labels on those... it is not just oats. You can buy 5# bags of dried beans or 25# bags of flour. Make your bread at home. It is not that hard and there are many no-knead artisan breads out there that are very easy to make.

It has become to easy to grab a frozen entree or just add meat or just add water mix to cook up. It does take a bit more time, but get your children to help. If you are just a small family, make a large portion of whatever you make and freeze the rest for another time.

Grow a garden and put up your produce. You can eat out of your garden all summer, but plant enough to put some up for the Winter and Spring. Research the best way to preserve each type of produce you grow. We carry a really neat book that I love. It is called The Practical Produce Cookbook. It tells you how to plant, pick, prepare and preserve the produce from your garden. It gives recipes to use what you grow and then at the end of each vegetable, it tells you how to put it up.

There are lists of the top 12 veggies you should buy organic because of what is sprayed on them. There is also a list of what is the top safest vegetables and fruit to buy. You can get the EWG Shoppers Guide to Pesticides here.

We are what we eat and we need to make wise choices. We can't trust what is sold anymore. I believe that ultimately our health is up to God, but we are to do our part as well.


Unknown said...

Hey Marci,
Love your blog and just wanted to reply to your latest blog. I whole heartedly agree with your thought and words. We are member of a co-op and I love what the film Food Matters says.
1/4 of what you eat keeps you alive
3/4 of what you eat keeps your Dr. alive.
Hey maybe you and I can talk and your can teach me how to create a blog for me!

Patricia said...

You are so right, and not just cancer but so many other diseases such as endometriosis, fibroid tumors ~ there is an over abudance of estrogen and other hormones and chemicals in our foods when they are not organic. Girls beginning their menses at age 10... whew.
We really do need to be aware.