Wednesday, February 02, 2011

God's Hand of Protection

I look back and see so many times when God protected us from something. I wonder about all the times He protected us that we never knew about.

We did get some ice, although it was not bad. We have not lost power as of yet and that is a huge blessing. Our animals are all doing well and there has been no real damage. This morning the temperature was in the high 30's. It is going to drop all day with a low of about 10° tonight. It is currently in the low 20's.

I talked to my sweet husband at work and he told me about something that happened this morning on his way to work. He got up to the top of a hill and he was going very slow because the hill was iced over and he had trouble getting up it. When he got to the top, he went ahead and put on his brakes so that he would only be creeping along when he got to the stop sign onto the state highway. Nothing happened as it was a sheet of ice. He knew he was going to slide right out onto the state highway, so he sped up a bit and was just going to go for it. It is a bad intersection because when you look to the left, there is a hill and you can't see what is coming. He shot out onto the highway and just as he got turned going the right direction and started forward, a big truck came up over the hill. He said that if he had been 3 seconds later, he would have been killed.

Thank you Lord for watching over my husband!!!


Sharon said...

OH MARCI!!!! Isn't God good?!! I was praying for you all last night when I saw how bad the weather was. So thankful that he is okay!!!

regina said...

I'm so glad you are both ok. Thank you, Jesus, for your protection.

Anonymous said...

God is good! He cares & protects His own.