Wednesday, September 08, 2010

There's A New George In Town

If you have read my blog any time at all, you know that I love to catch caterpillars in the summer and watch them get into their chrysalis and then emerge as a beautiful butterfly. It is a miracle every time. I name each caterpillar George. It's easy to remember that way. The Wonderful Neighbor children bring over Georges for me as well. The younger boys call them Georges too. :) I have corrupted the neighborhood.

Anyway, here is some pictures of past Georges, with the new George at the end. These first couple of pictures are Monarch Georges. They turn into Monarch butterflies.

He is inside the jar in this picture. I love it!!

Here is Hairy George. I believe he turned into a moth.

This is a Fennel George, so named because we find them on the fennel. He turns into a Eastern Black Swallowtail.

This was Weird George. He was aggressive. When I would go to take him out of the jar on his stick so I could empty the poop, he would fling himself at me. He was really ugly. I looked him up and found out that he did not make a chrysalis, but went down into the ground. I found him out on the Virginia Creeper, so I put him back out there.
I saw that our rain gauge had fallen onto the ground. I went to put it back up. When I picked it up, I saw this chrysalis hanging from it. It is all shiny silver with shiny gold bumps. I have named this one Buzz Light Year George. I guess you could call him Star Wars George as well. He really does look space age. I bequeathed him to the Wonderful Neighbors. I tried to find out what he would become, but have not found that yet. I did find several pictures of this type of chrysalis, but they were all trying to find out what he was too. :)

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