Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bits of Farm News

There has been lots going on here. Some of it good and some of it bad. I am just going to put the pictures up in the order they were taken. It may seem a bit jumbled.

You know that we lost a cow to bloat, well we lost 3 sheep last week. :( The one little guy got stuck in the fence way down in the corner. We did not find him in time. The other 2 we could not figure out what happened to them, as there was no visible means of injury. With the help of a friend, we think we have figured it out. Remember the peach trees I told you about that were in the chicken yard area? Well, they are along the fence line with the sheep pasture. Many of the limbs hang over the fence. It seems that peach leaves when they are wilting are as poisonous as wild cherry leaves when they are wilting. We will be moving the sheep fence especially with Autumn coming and the trees will start dropping leaves. Death is one part of the farm we don't like, but is inevitable.

I made applesauce from our apples and canned it. We got almost 2 gallons. This was the first year we really got any apples to speak of and that was only on 2 of the 4 trees.

The puppy is doing well, although we need to figure out how to get her to come when we call. Most of the time she is outside, she is on a leash. We have a family that lives on our property and cars come and go. I am afraid they would not see her since she is still small. She is up to 15 lbs. though. :) She was under 3 lbs. when we got her. Some times she comes running when you call. Other times, she is having WAY too much fun to listen. Any help on how to train her in this area?

She is still a baby though and takes lots of naps. :) She loves to curl up with one of our feet as her pillow or with one of her toys.
Our pullets have started to lay. YIPPEE!!! Michael brought in a really tiny pullet egg one day. I cooked it for him along with a regular size one. It was so little and cute I had to take a picture. :) Most of the white surrounding it came from the big egg which went into the skillet first.

We have had a lot of butterflies this year. All different ones, but more than any other year I can remember. One day I was out walking the pup and I noticed that the thistle plants were covered with butterflies. By the time I got the camera and got back up there many had flown away. Besides the 2 big butterflies in this picture there is a little one on the flower that is center right and the flower at the bottom.

The pictures didn't turn out too good, but there are at least 9 of the smaller butterflies in this picture.

The day was so pretty with a blue blue sky and white puffy clouds. I just took some pictures. The building on the left is the shop barn. The apartment is over it. Buttercup's stall is under the shed roof in the back. The house is on the right.

The little building in the center is the sheep shed. You can almost make out the chicken coop to the right of the sheep shed.

I had this come up in my grass near the garden. I was told it is Chinese Mustard. It tastes wonderful and has some heat to it.

We have a chain link kennel out back that we put the puppy into sometimes. There is a little black rooster chick that hangs out around it. I think he and Skye are friends.

These are my wave petunias out front. They look so pretty this year.

This is Skye out in the kennel. She doesn't seem to mind it and we don't keep her out there for long periods.

She is digging a hole or tunnel to China though. She works on it regularly. :)

I went out with peanuts. The sheep all came running. They know the sound of the peanut bag.

Skye is barking at me on this one, but it looks like she is smiling. She is getting big, but is still so cute.

She loves to come running to see me in the morning. When she stays out of trouble, she is good company.

Hope you are having a great week!!


LadySnow said...

I always love to see the pictures of everything around your farm!

Sharon said...

It is sad when things like that happen on the farm. But there are so many good things that happen too. Skye is growing so fast! The only thing I know to try is to hold a treat in your hand and start with short distances at first and if she comes when you call her, give her the treat. Once she makes the connection of your call to come, it should work. :)