Thursday, September 02, 2010

Life On The Farm

Don't forget it is that time of year to put out the peppermint oil on the cotton balls. The mice will start trying to move in for the winter. We got some more in our store if you don't know where to get any. :) Just click on the picture below and it will take you there.

I am still making cheese. :) We have had some flies in the house, so I got a couple of these picnic food savers to put over the cheese while it is air drying. They work well and are easily folded up and put away.

Our pullets are finally starting lay. Some lay a really dark brown egg. We actually had to buy eggs one time within the last month. So, it is nice to not have to worry about that. We did buy them from a local farmer though. :)

I have been canning. The shelves are starting to fill up.

You know I couldn't post without some puppy pictures. :) She LOVES to have her belly rubbed. She is getting so big. We won't be able to hold her like this for long.

She was just waking up from a nap in her crate. I happened to catch this yawn. WOW, look how long that tongue is.

Poor Star was trying to scratch an itch, but then the puppy became even more of an irritation than her itch. :)

She was laying by my feet. I took the picture so you can see the red really coming out in her coat. Especially on the top of her head.

Her left ear flops over a lot. We had another dog that did that. I keep telling her to fix her ear and then I lean over and adjust it. :)

We cut up 18 chickens this weekend. We have 18 packages of boneless skinless breasts, 18 packages of leg quarters, 6 packages of chicken tenders, 13 pints of chicken, and so far I am at 21 quarts of broth. There is still more to come. I have some in the canner, some to go into the canner and still some broth left to put in jars.


LadySnow said...

You are one busy lady! It all looks great. :-)

Sharri said...

Love the net canopy idea for your cheese--you're smart!

Are some of those eggs blue?

You have a nice store for winter now--you'll be so happy then for all the work you did! :)

The picture w/Skye's tongue is hilarious! She's really growing!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Wow, you are really busy! Last week we butchered 20 old laying hens, and I did some canning of the deboned chicken and broth. The smell reminded me of all the Campbell's chicken noodle soup we ate growing up!