Sunday, March 07, 2010

Signs of Spring!!!

I went exploring outside with my camera. There are definite signs of Spring. That is so exciting to me. I love Winter and I love snow, but I also love that the seasons change and we are getting ready to go into one of my two favorites ones. Autumn is my absolute favorite, but Spring comes in a close second.

There is a trailer parked up next to our barn. Michael wanted me to come and look at how the snow is coming off the roof onto the trailer. It is turning itself under.

This was looking up at another part of the barn roof. If you look closely you can actually see some of the drips falling. I LOVE that blue blue sky!!!

We went to town to run our errands. If you look closely in this picture, you can see an eagle flying. He is about the center of the picture. He had been sitting way up on a tree, but before I could find him with my camera lens he took off.

I love Sycamore trees. You can usually tell if there is a creek or a river if you see a line of Sycamores. They are such grand beautiful trees.

Here you can see where the creek runs by the trees.

The snow just melted off of this area around the house yesterday morning. I took these pictures yesterday afternoon. :) Here come the daffodils!!!

I loved the little lacey ice that formed over some of the footprints in the snow. They sparkled as if they were made from diamonds.

There are big fat buds on the lilac trees!!!

Here is the side of our house. You can see how the snow is sliding off. The pile below is all that has fallen off already. It is much larger than it looks in this picture. It sounds like a mini avalanche when it goes. Last night the rest of it fell off the roof. This is the north side as well, so I know the south side must be clear.

Even with all the days above freezing, we are still covered with snow. The area around the house is melting fairly quickly though.

I am getting ready to order baby chicks. We have made it through another winter. Have you seen Spring at your house?


Jenna said...

The signs of Spring over here: The snow is melting (for now)!!! and the babies are here:) We've got a calf and 8 kids...yay:)

We have made it through another winter, Praise the LORD!! I love Spring and Summer...they're my absolute favorite seasons...the smell, the color - God is SO good to us.


LadySnow said...

I need to walk around our house to see if any flowers are poking up through the ground. As for the snow coming off your room....that is so neat. I have never seen snow do that...or even a picture of it doing that.