Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Lovely Day!!!!

Our roof is finally clear of snow. :) This is one of the snow's last stands. Look how far out over the edge of the roof this is. Then you hear a loud noise like a small avalanche and it all slides down and drops off.

As you can see most of the snow is gone. It still looks so strange when I glance out the window and see grass. We were under snow cover for a long time.

It is also mud season now. The ground is all springy and squishy for at least 2".

This is what is left of our roof snow. :) This is the north side of the house, so it will be the last to go.

The Daffodils and Iris are not taking long at all to spring way up and start to form buds.

I went out back and checked and found these 2 little beauties. Oh, it brings joy to my heart to see the first crocus!!!

I went out and checked my garlic bed. We are not sure what we will get as the chickens really enjoyed scratching in this area. No matter how many times I shooed them away, they came back here. Here are a couple of shoots pushing up though.

This is our Bradford Pear tree out front. Michael told me it is not actually a Bradford, but I can't remember the right name.

I always tend to get excited when I see Spring bursting forth. I am loving the warmer temperatures and the sunshine!!! I have my windows open and I hear the birds and the breeze. Aaaaahhhhh... Spring!!!

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