Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This and That on the Farm!

I was busy yesterday. It seemed that every time I turned around something else needed to be done. I stuck with it though. I did make another round of cheddar cheese. I have been making at least one per week. This more than takes care of our cheddar needs. I also made the mozzarella for our pizza last week. I will do that again this week. I am also going to be making yogurt and sour cream. Hopefully the yogurt and sour cream will happen today. :)

We cooked a turkey on Sunday. I have the carcass to cook to make broth. I also need to divide the left over meat up into packets to freeze for lunch meat. I enjoyed a turkey sandwich for lunch yesterday and hope to have one today.

There is still a lot of snow out there, but you can see patches of green grass. The daffodils are sending up their shoots as are the crocus. I would not be surprised to see crocus in bloom by next week. It is currently 50 degrees which is a heat wave in these parts. The sun is shining and I am truly enjoying the weather.

I am not sure when my sheep will be sheared. I hope it is soon, or they will start shedding some of it.

Hope you are enjoying sunshine where you live!!!

1 comment:

Sharri said...

Wow, sounds like your days have been productive!
What a blessing that you are making all of that cheese and other dairy products!
You're so talented! :)