Friday, August 14, 2009

Must Have Kitchen Tools

Have you thought of any more must have tools? This is a good list, but I bet there is more items out there.

I have been thinking about what kitchen tools are essential for me to do my kitchen jobs. I realize that every person has some tools that are essential to them, that others could live without. Help me do some brain storming. What are some things you use in your kitchen that you think are a must have. You can also include things if you have a dairy animal, want to or do homestead, grind your own wheat, etc. This list could also be used by young women who are not yet married. They could start keeping their eyes out for some items to put in their hope chests. They could be looking for these items at thrift stores or garage sales. Also, they make a nice gift list for birthdays and Christmas. :)

I will be putting together my own list and posting at the bottom here later. I am just taking a quick break right now. Leave your list in the comments section, or if you need to leave more than one comment because of something you thought of later, feel free.

Ok, here is part of my list. I will add to it as I go.
Thermometer. I have a dairy thermometer, a soap thermometer and a candy thermometer. I suppose I could do with just one, but they are all different and help me in different ways.

Stainless steel colander. In fact I wish I had 2. I use it all the time.

Large stock pots (preferable stainless steel) Even though we are a small family, when you can, these are a huge help to have.

Grain Mill (can be either electric or hand powered) I prefer to use freshly ground flour.

I see that the WN woman said her Bosch. I have a DLX and it is really nice to have. I also have a hand powered dough bucket. I did use it when we lived with out electricity a short time and it did great. And she is right... we do sell both the Bosch and DLX in the store. Thanks for the commercial WN!!

Good knives and cutting boards.

Rolling pins. I have several. Two were my Great-Aunt's and then I have a pizza one (which we sell in the store!!) :)

Some sort of grater is nice. I do have a grater blade on my food processor but I often use my hand one.

A good set of mixing bowls. Mine are the colorful pyrex from the 40's and 50's.

Some huge enamel or stainless steel bowls. Again when it comes to canning, you need these.

A canning funnel and tongs and the little magnet wand to get the lids out of the hot water.

Several large stainless steel spoons. (some slotted)

Wooden spoons.

Several sets of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons.

Someone said cast iron skillets. I have 4 different sizes and love them and use them often.

Some sort of coffee pot.

Meat Tenderizer

Pampered Chef Chopper. The WN woman used this to chop her tomatoes when she canned salsa. I use mine a lot!!

(Ok, I will keep thinking and add to the list as I can)


Jenna said...

I've got dairy animals, so definitely a digital thermometer!! Spatulas...a couple other things but the DT is the biggest;)

How is Brittany doing? I'm still praying for her~

WN Mama said...

#1 - coffee pot of some kind (preferably at Bunn)
#2 - crock pot
#3 - BIG stainless steel tea kettle
#4 - plastic scrapers (rounded kind)
#5 - GOOD knives\cutting board
#6 - Stainless steel turkey baster (available at the general store)
#7 - RC says cookie jar (for when you need a snack to do your work :))
#8 - RC - canning funnel
#9 - Apron (smile - also available at the general store)
#10 - My Bosch (I believe also available at the general store)

Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

We have a huge garden, so cutting boards and quite an assortment of nice knives.

Dana said...

Iron skillets - well seasoned of course.

a good spaghetti pot with strainer

pyrex bowls with glass lids

mandolin slicer

one gallon pitchers

Gina said...

I vote for the crockpot. I have 2 and they are sooo helpful, especially now that I've learned to make yogurt in there! I have something going almost daily!

WN Mama said...

OK, here's another one....our victorio food strainer for applesauce season and maybe that apple peeler/corer thing which does help with the peeling, but I don't use the corer. RC says GALLON JARS, for tea, herbs, milk(ha ha) and everything else you can imagine. RC says many 13x9 GLASS pans and a pastry blender. She is the dessert queen you know. We'll keep thinking.....

WN Mama and WN Girl/Milk Maid

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Pampered Chef sells a great scraper - the little brown square ... I use it to clean up my oopsies (burnt on things. Do you get those?), cleaning glass bakeware after soaking for a bit, scraping flour/cookie dough off the cupboard, and my most recent discovery for its use was in defrosting the freezers to scrape & loosen the ice & gunk at the bottom.

I have two of these. Lost them both last year & felt lost without them so I bought two more at the Dollar Store ... but they're not the same. Now, PTL, the two brown ones have BOTH shown up somehow (one had been tossed out with some gray water into the flowerbed & turned up during weeding, lol).