Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More on Yesterday...

This is the time of year that life seems to really hop along. Harvest time has begun. All of my friends and neighbors are busy harvesting and canning. I was blessed yesterday because Brittany came over to help me. She did dill pickles while I did the cheese and other things.

In the morning, I canned some red raspberry jam.

Here are the dill pickles waiting for the brine. I did have one jar break in the canner. :(

I made bread so that my dear husband would have a sandwich in his lunch today.

The WN children came over to do some chores for me. The WN girl and the 2 youngest WN boys picked blackberries for me. You will have to ask the boys how much help they were to their sisters. :) The Little Neighbor went along in her stroller to supervise them. They came back with a HUGE blackberry. Here are 2 pictures of it beside a normal sized blackberry.

I made blackberry jam the other day, but I think I have enough to make more. I need to find some more small jars. My Dad LOVES blackberry jam. I like to make sure he gets some fresh.

Today, I will be making some more cheese (Lord willing). I still have milk to use up. I may make mozzarella. I need to pick cabbages and start on my sauerkraut.


Farmer's Daughter said...

I'd love to hear more about your cheese-making. So far, I've only made ricotta but I have the supplies and plans to make mozzarella, just not the time yet. I swear this week I will!

Looks like you had a productive day!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Reading your blog is like a wonderful home spun life full of the joys of what living is all about........I wish you much warmth from your canning during your winter months. Now it is about time we let go of the winter and sent it your way, don't you think??? I am a little tired of the cold nights and days and look forward to the buds arriving on my pear trees. come get the winter from me if you like! (smiles)

I have not visited you for the longest time but am so pleased to be here today.


Karen Oros said...

You are such a busy bee Marci:-) I'm doing grape jelly today!:-D

Jennifer said...

Thank you for visting my blog and shareing your story with me. I truley appreciate it! My MIL and niece (Ashley) visit your blog regulary. I can see why ;-) What a blessing.

Wow! Your bread is beautiful and the black berries look yummy!

Sharri said...

Your bread looks beautiful, and I'm sure it's delicious! Especially with that delightful jam on it! Save me some! :)