Thursday, August 13, 2009

The New Homestead Blessing Videos

" a mom I love these films for me and my daughters.
The West ladies do a great job of instructing.
We love all three films!"

That is just one of the many comments about these videos. I watched the first three and even though I have done all three things, I learned some new ideas and methods. They are done very well and the West Ladies are just sweet down home gals!!

The highly anticipated three new Homestead Blessings DVDs -- Canning, Gardening, Herbs -- are now shipping to homes across the country. Order your set today. Available as the new three DVD set, or in the complete six DVD collection.

Watch the Trailer
Watch the exciting new trailer for the
Homestead Blessings collection.

Including highlights from
Bread Making
Soap Making
Candle Making

The New Homestead Blessings Collection
Canning, Gardening, Herbs

Watch the trailer and order your set today!

The Art of Gardening, The Art of Canning, and the Art of Herbs are fun-filled programs that include homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining three DVD set. The southern charm and hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this beautifully-photographed High Definition broadcast-quality series that audiences around the world have come to love so much.

"... I so enjoyed such an earthy creative family project.
Keep up the excellent work!..."

~ Equipment ~
~ Cleaning ~
~ Sealing ~
~ Storage ~
~ Water bath Method ~
~ Pressure Method ~
~ Tomatoes ~
~ Green Beans ~
~ Jams ~
~ Eggs ~
and much more~

~ Composting ~
~ Pest Control ~
-Container Gardening ~
~ Vegetables ~
~ Potato Patches ~
~ Herbs ~
~Climate Conditions ~
~ Flowers ~
and much more!

~ Identifying Herbs ~
~ Easy Herbs to Grow ~
~ Storing Herbs ~
~ Herb Butters ~
~ Teas ~
~ Vinegars ~
~ Health Tonics ~
and much more!

Order all six DVDs in the series...

The Complete Homestead Blessings Collection
Bread Making, Soap Making, Candle Making, Canning, Gardening, Herbs

Bonus Material - Songs Performed On Video

Each Homestead Blessings DVD contains a unique never before seen song performed on video by the West ladies. Below is an excerpt from one of the videos -- Waiting for the Sun to Set:

This set includes the three original Homestead Blessings films as well as the three new releases. Includes The Art of Bread Making, Candle Making, Soap Making, Canning, Gardening and Herbs.

Learn more about the entire collection,
watch a trailer and order now.

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