Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Had A Visitor!!

If you have read my blog for any time at all, you know that I like to gather caterpillars and keep them until they turn into butterflies. I name all my caterpillars George. It is easy to remember. :) I was out in the garden the other day and I decided to cut some flowers to bring in. When I got to the Zinnias, look who was here visiting.... George!!!! I got several pictures of him.

I am not sure how this got planted, but it is literally just outside my front door. You know the old saying... "Bloom where you are planted!" You can also see that I need to sweep my porch and pull some weeds. :)

Speaking of weeds.... Several weeks ago we got rain on several days. The weeds went nuts and we have never caught up.

I liked this shot. I was standing behind the second planting of corn, looking at the house.

Here are some flower shots. There is a lot of bee activity these days.

These are our two movable chicken pens out in the field. They both have broilers in them. We still have turkeys in the brooder.

Bert and Ernie were napping. As I went to snap the picture, Ernie got up and stretched.


Mari said...

Beautiful flowers and George is pretty cute too!

The K. Family said...

Oh, I love your pictures! I also love seeing new butterflys.

Sharri said...

Lovely pics!
I really liked the pink flower with the white edges. :)

Mosaic said...

This is my first time to your blog. We use to do butterfly gardening. We'd feed the "caterpitters", as my children called them when they were younger, watch them caccoon and then emerge. We had to take turns releasing them!

We also live on a farm. It's a small one and we aren't up to being able to live off of it completely (it's a goal), but we're working on it.

Just hatched out fifteen new chicks over the last few days (I have ten from last month's hatching outside along with my full grown birds). I'd LOVE to know how you built your movable chicken barns!!!!!

Anyway, it's nice to find someone else who likes to get back to the basics. And I love your music!!!

If I can keep up with the blog I have now, I may start one about our farm. :)

Mosaic said...

Thank you for posting that link for me on my comments section!

Lisa said...

Hi I live in MN and we just started chickens and turkeys this year. Would you ever take a closeup photo of those moveable chicken pens and post it? I'd sure like to see how they are made.
What a joy for me to relax and read your blog.