Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cheddar Cheese and more...

Yesterday I got started on using up some of the milk out in the milk fridge. I made ricotta and used part of it with our spaghetti last night. Yum. Today, I am trying a new recipe and technique (new to me) for making cheddar cheese. It is cheddaring as I type. :) I forgot to take pictures up to this point, but I will try and get a couple. I hope this works well, as I would really like to start making all of our cheese. I can make good mozzarella and ricotta. I have made good cheddar, but it does not turn out every time.

The sky out the window looks like it is going to pour any minute. We are so grateful for all the rain we are getting. I have bunches of sunflowers in bloom. They are all different sizes and colors. I really love sunflowers. They make me smile. The rain has also caused the weeds to grow by leaps and bounds. We have been going out there for a short while each evening trying to reclaim the garden. The sheep are loving all the weeds we pull.

Sorry this is a pictureless rambling post. I am short on time. :)


Teresa said...

Yes, post about the cheddar! Minus the ability to have a dairy cow at the moment, we've been blessed with a source for unlimited milk nearby so cheese is my newest endeavor and I need all the help I can get! You amaze me with your skills and you're blessed with the abiltiy to teach via your blog. Seriously, you are a GREAT teacher - I always come to your site when I'm unsure on dairy and baking stuff.
sisterly love to you!

Season of Life said...

What a wonderful place to live! I love your blog and found your posts to be well done and quite informative - made me feel like I was there. Looking forward to visiting again. :-)

Blessings in Him ~ Jarnette

Sharri said...

That cheese sounds yummy!
Can I come over and have some? :)