Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I am not sure I can get them in order, so I am just going to post some of them. I am posting pictures not only from our cameras but from ones that were sent to us as well. Here we are at the rehearsal.

Here is Brasen pulling his hat down to bring the ring pillow over. =)

Here are some shots of Berri as the rehearsal continues.

This is the morning of the wedding. The girls are waiting off on the side behind some trees.

Here is Terri carrying Providence (30 hours old) and I after lighting the unity candles. That is Terri's Dad.

Here are all the guys waiting for the cue to start down the aisle. This was taken right before Michael told them to lose the glasses. =)

Here are all the guys lining up.

Then the girls came down the aisle.

Then came the Bride on her Daddy's arm.

All the little girls.

The Bride wearing her Mom's wedding dress.

Michael giving the greeting and opening prayer.
Here Michael is not asking who gives the Bride since there is giving and receiving on both sides. He told Jeff that he was sending Joshua to be Jeff's son and joyfully receiving Brittany as a daughter. He asked if Jeff was both receiving Joshua as a son and giving Brittany as a daughter.
Michael sat down by me and Jeff started the ceremony.
Here Joshua is reciting his vows he wrote for Brittany (see other post on wedding to read them).
Here Brittany is reciting her vows to Joshua.
Here they are taking the two candles that Terri and I lit and lighting the unity candle.
Here he is getting ready to seal the covenant with their first kiss.

Their first kiss.

I love this picture. I think he liked it. =)

I was able to hold the baby in the shade while we waited on pictures.

Here is Michael and I with the young couple.

Here is Brittany getting ready for a sweet kiss from her parents.

Here is Joshua getting his sweet kiss. You can tell he really likes it. =)

Here is the cake.

Here are the young couple!!

We had the Grandpa's and some other men give some godly marital advice at the reception. Here is my Dad sharing. At the rehearsal dinner, we had the four grandpas, give a blessing over them.

Here they are dancing. This was the first time in his life that Joshua danced.

Here is Brittany dancing with her Daddy.

Here they are drinking the toast. You can read about the goblets on the other post.

Here is their truck all ready for them. The boys really did it up good.


LadySnow said...

Everything looks so beautiful!

Perri said...

The wedding pictures are beautiful, but those vows are so awesome. I have no doubt they will both live up to them.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
what a beautiful wedding!!
Everything looked so nice!

Anonymous said...

Everything just looks beautiful! I wish them all the best! I know you're so very proud.

Pearl said...

This looked like a beautiful day! Marci Thanks for sharing. Kim

Tina Leigh said...

So they did get married on the same day as my niece. I love the pictures! It seems so sweet! TN said...

Marci, what a beautiful wedding. Britney's Mother sure does look good right after giving birth. Joshua is so handsome and Britney is beautiful. I know they will have beautiful babies. You looked good too, Marci! I can't believe you were in Johnson City. That is about 20 minutes from my house. Wish I could have seen you! Love, Clara

ChickenMama said...

Congratulations to all! How beautiful it all turned out! I'm so happy for everyone. So how much did that BIG baby weigh? I've heard the twins speculation so often myself that it's comforting to know that others get it too. Hope Terri's labor was short and easy.

Now you can begin looking forward to grandchildren in your future! What a wonderful grandma you'll be!

The Stricklands said...

What a beautiful wedding! What a wonderful, Godly man you have raised. I love the picture of you holding that sweet baby! TN said...

The vows brought tears to my eyes.