Sunday, October 12, 2008

Desert Island Challenge

Since we were in the car a lot over the last week, we took the chance to listen to some good CD's. One of the things that we heard was called "The Desert Island Challenge". This was a phrase used by the speaker to point you to the Scriptures. Here is what the challenge is. If you were on a desert island and did not have any media for input or any book, but the Bible, no Bible teachers, etc.... JUST THE BIBLE... What would you do different in your life? What would you change in your life?

This morning in our fellowship, Michael shared that our job description is in the Bible. It is a wonderful book full of instruction. It is alive and real for today. One of the CD's that we listened to told us that we should go to the Bible to find the answer no matter what the question is. Should I apply for that job; should we move; should I join that class, etc. Go to God's Word and search for the answers. Another man in our fellowship often talks about that there are times we don't need to go to the Bible. For instance if your neighbor's house is on fire, you don't need to search the Bible or pray about whether you should call 911. However, there are many other times that the Bible is the last place we go to for any sort of input on a decision. We think there is nothing relevant for that sort of decision, or we think it is too small to worry about what the Bible says. It is our guide book, our rule book, our plumb line!!

I do believe that God's mercies are new every day. However, is rebellion a place we go to regularly? Do we think about how our choices affect others? Do we care or is it all about us? Do we think that we are so secure that we can consistently make bad choices and be OK. Do we as wives pour ourselves out for our husbands or are we expecting them to serve us, to help us, to give us a break, to do the hard things, etc. I am guilty in this area WAY too often. The Bible is VERY clear in this area. I so often hear that in marriage we are to give 100% and expect nothing. I have only seen one wife who even comes close to this (and it wasn't me). I challenge you other women to look deeply at your life and how your attitude is on a regular basis. If you do choose to serve your husband or do what he asks, is it with a sweet attitude and a smile? OUCH... I am stepping on my own toes here. I read a post on another blog recently about older women teaching younger women. I was amazed at some of the responses. It was eye opening. Many of the young women are crying and praying for the older women to come along side them. Others want us to steer clear and keep our nose in our own business.

Another area that I think I really fell down in was expecting my son to run and fetch for me. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that children should help and have responsibilities. However, many times I asked him to go and fetch because I was too lazy. What matters is our attitude and heart behind it. That is what God sees. I am still guilty of this today and need to make changes. Often when something needs to come from the neighbors or go to the neighbors, I ask her to send one of the children to do the running.

I really want to take the Desert Island Challenge. I want my life to count for the Lord. I don't want it to be all talk and no action. I want the attitude behind it to be right before God. I can do all sorts of wonderful things and even do them well. However, if I do them without love (I Cor. 13 - Michael brought this up this morning as well), they count as nothing in God's eyes.

Who is willing to take this challenge?


Sharon said...

Thank you for being open and honest. It is something I've been working on for quite some time and my husband has seen changes, yet I know there are still some things that need that heart/attitude change.
I don't know that any one woman will ever "get there", but it is evident of one who keeps trying.
When I first started seeing God's Word instructing me as a wife and I tried so hard and then failed, I told my husband it was like climbing a mountain and feeling like you almost get to the top and then you slide to the bottom where you started. But he said, "At least you get back up and start climbing again." It really all boils down to obeying or disobeying God's Word and I'm guilty at times, but so thankful He is a Gracious and Forgiving Father.
Bless you as you take the challenge.

Tina Leigh said...

I had a sermon on the way home from work last night that really goes along with what your saying was about how we should act when going thru dark times...about being faithful to GOD, helping others who are in worse times than you (there is always someone), being interested and involved with people. Hard stuff cause I have that "ME ME ME" complex!