Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sister Bloggers Need Prayers & Support

One of our Sisters in the Lord was just diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. They don't have any friends or family in the area. They live in Osage, IA. I don't know if any of you are near there and could help them out or not. Please be in prayer for Patti. Visit her blog and let her know you are praying. Over The Garden Gate

Also, keep praying for the Fuller Family. Brian Fuller was diagnosed with cancer and has been in the battle for awhile. Christina, his wife, and his family are trying to keep things going on their Kansas dairy farm. Visit their blog and let them know you are still praying as well. Kansas Milkmaid


Robert said...

well thats so nice of u ... i feel good to know your kind feelings for her... actually i just stopped by your blog and found it pretty interesting .... very nice photos as well ... u can sometimes drop by My Inspiration Blog as well and have a glimpse of something u may find interesting...!!!

CONNIE W said...

Hi there. I've found your blog recently and added it as a link on my new blogspot. Thank you for sharing about your friend. I just posted a comment on her site.