Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are You Real?

Are you really “YOU” no matter who is around? Do you get nervous around some people and try to be someone you are not? Do you pretend you have it all together and never let your “warts” show? Are you impressed with a certain way of life and do everything in your power to be like that? Have you forgotten where you came from or even how God made you?

It seems that people have forgotten how to be real. There are many different categories that this manifests itself in. Some people put on their “holy” cloak. They appear to have it all together. They always let you know how to overcome your weaknesses. They are always the teacher, never to be taught. The bad things that happen in your life would never happen in their life and if they did, it would be because of someone or something outside their control. I heard someone once say that you will know what you are made of spiritually when you are squeezed. They likened us to sponges. Whatever is in the sponge is what comes out when it is squeezed. You can pretend that you are a sponge full of the finest wine, but when you get squeezed and plain old water comes out, the proof is there for all to see. I have seen these people go through a tight spot. What comes out is not pretty and is usually aimed at someone else. Then they go back to pretending. I wonder if they think I am terribly dense and do not remember those squeezing times, or if they truly view themselves as they pretend.

Other people like to put on “rich” airs. They have to dress a certain way, drive certain vehicles, eat at certain restaurants, etc. These people are your friends or family. You see how they live. You know what kind of job they have. You have heard them talk about where are they going to come up with the house payment this month. My heart aches for people like this. Every body sees and knows the truth and they just make themselves miserable. It is almost like a druggie’s “fix” for them when they get to buy some new item, especially a big item.

I think one that I fall into is trying to be someone that I admire or like. I was born in Kentucky, but did not live there long enough to acquire an accent. In fact, I was only 1 ½ when we moved to Chicago. We lived in Florida for 12 years while raising Joshua. There were so many quaint sayings down there from people who were truly Southern and not just transplants. Joshua picked up more of these than we did. However, some of them I TRIED hard to incorporate into my vocabulary to sound more local. WHY?? Everyone knew where I was from and how long I had been there. Did I really think I was fooling them? When I see this in others I wonder if they forgot where they came from and do they realize that others have not forgotten where they come from or who they are. I was lived in the Chicago area for 7 years and then was raised in Ohio. That is what I most sound like, as it should be.

I just wish people would be who they really are… warts and all. We can all change and grow in Christ. However, when we try and be someone we are not, then we are being dishonest. People can’t rest and totally trust in us. We have people in our life that would not tell you if they were upset with you. Instead of being totally at ease around them, we are always trying to read their looks or tones, etc. Be yourself! Be real! If you wonder if you have problems in this area, ask your family or friends if they see it in you. Be prepared for honesty however. I will now step down off my soap box!!! =)


Tina Leigh said...

Marci my husband has a partner that tries to put on rich makes us sick. He is so far in debt that he puts a strain on their buisness but he keeps right on spending.My husband is a "what u see-what u get" person but he is humble. So many of the girls I work with are having cosmetic surgery. It is sad. What it amounts to is a lack of self esteem & a lack of a real relationship with God dont you think. My problem is....what comes to my mind comes out my aint always good!!! LOL!!

CONNIE W said...

Marci, Your words are wise and true. I am inspired by them.

LadySnow said...

Great post Marci!

TJ said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm from Western Kentucky down by the Mississippi river and right by the TN line! I've lived in Ohio two years because of my Hubby's job transfer...I've been blogging nearly a year now and tried to fit in so many different nitches and finally just decided to be me warts and all...loved this post and your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Wow,That's awesome!!!i loved your post, i wish everybody could read it. i have felt people are more interested in materials than spiritual. what really is interesting for me is God's presence, we must look for this.
No matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sicky, what is the most important is how big is your faith!

Lord Bless you!!!!!

Betty said...

YOur words are so true. We'd all be fine just to be ourselves.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Please come back to visit.

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Kelli said...

Wonderful post, Marci!!

Reviekat said...

Great post, Marci!