Saturday, February 17, 2007

Legless Sheep

I keep watching to get a picture of my sheep out in the snow. They are really sticking close to their shelter (not that I blame them). We had a big snowfall back in 2003. The sheep would come out and it looked like they did not have any legs. The picture below is from 2003. I guess the big difference with this years snow is the extremely low temperatures we are having. The sheep would go out and play in the snow then. The cows have been going out, but they are about the only animals that are.

It is snowing again today by the way. They said to expect 1 to 3 inches. =)


::Mars:: said...

Hey there,
Yea, we are having the snow aren't we! I found your blog through Yoder Farm friends of ours). Very nice!
Come on over and check ours out. M.K.

Reviekat said...

I love this picture - it's so cute! My girls laughed a lot. :)

Betty said...

Oh Marci, your posting today makes me sad in away. We had a flock of pet sheep a few years ago that brought me so much pleasure. When my husband was called to a church about 150 miles away we had to sell them. They brought me so much enjoyment. We moved back to our farm 4 years ago and I hope someday to get some more.

Your pictures are so pretty. Thank you.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my grandchildren's pink heart pillow.

Marci said...

If you click on the picture, it will show it in its full size. It looks like we took these sheep out and just sat them on the snow. =)

Betty, I was not trying to make anyone sad. If you were closer, you would be welcome at any time to come and watch or play with my sheep. =)

Tina Leigh said...

They are so neat looking! Seems like they would be freezing their wool off tho....its not bad on their feet? Cookies & creme? Is that right? Tooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Marci nice picture.. Do they get around ok in the snow? I know my horses like the snow. Thanks for sharing.. Brenda