Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Six years ago today my Mom did not wake up here on earth, but in heaven. I still miss her like crazy. I miss her prayers. This year the reminder I normally give is hard for me to say. I have a relationship in my life that is not where it needs to be. Sometimes you do what you need to and have to trust the Lord to work in the other person's heart. I do want to remind you though.... We are NOT promised a next breath or a tomorrow. Make right the things between you and others. Forgive them and try to move on even if they won't work with you. You do not want regrets.

I kept waking up early this morning. I always do on this day. I think "was she alive at this time?" I will have my moments of weeping, but I would not wish her back from where she is for anything. In fact it keeps my longing alive for the Lord's return when we will all be together again.

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