Thursday, October 06, 2011

Scenes From The Farm

We have been having some fog in the mornings.  I did not get out there soon enough to see the thicker stuff.  You can see one of the cows to the left of the barn. 
I love to find little hidden pockets of Autumn color. 
This is Terra.  She is one of my registered Shetlands. 
The leaves are starting.  I love Autumn.  My friend, Karen from out West is coming to share some of the beauty with me again.  I am excited to see her.
Just some weeds, but I think they are so pretty.
Thistles can be so pretty, but a real pain once they start clinging to you. 
I have no idea what these are.  I found them in the garden.  Do any of you know what they are?
It is that time of year again.  The biting lady Asian beetles are back.  They get on you and all over everything.


marion yoder said...

that beautiful stickery looking thing is called "buffalo bur", and it will destroy your fleeces, pull it up and burn it quick! they spread like wildfire :-/

Jan said...

Down in the South, we call them cockleburrs and they are a real pest in the garden! My Granddaddy would tell us children they were porcupine eggs!