Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Beauty

I believe that this Autumn has more color than any other one since we have lived in this house.  Our tree line was always kind of dull with only the brownish yellow of the Hickory trees.  This year it is simply gorgeous!!!

Some of these pictures are from our yard, some are from drives my sweet husband has taken me on.  We love to ride and view the colors.  Enjoy!!!

These next two show flowers growing right out of the face of a rock cliff.  A classic case of "Bloom where you are planted."

The field corn is all sunwashed and dried out ready to be harvested.  I love the way it looks and the rustling sound it makes as the wind passes through.

The next three pictures are of the tree line on our property.

The next five pictures are taken from the top of our hill looking back toward the house and barns and over toward our neighbors field.

I hope you enjoyed the Autumn colors. 


regina said...

Just beautiful!!

Kim said...

Oh my the colors are beautiful! I just love this time of year.