Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healthy Choices in Herbs and Spices

I have a friend who is a very hard worker. She is 26 years old and just had her fourth baby. They live on a farm and she does a CSA. She makes THE BEST bagels and sells them several places. She spins and weaves shawls and other items on a triangle loom. She makes it look so easy to juggle all of those things. She does have a husband who is a hard worker too, and some of his single sisters live close by and help. She is always sweet and smiling and so patient with people. I am sure she has some warts, but you don't see them very often. She also is a representative for a company called Wildtree.

Wildtree started when a Mom (Leslie) found out her 2 young children had medical conditions that had severe dietary restrictions. She along with her parents started experimenting and liked what the results were. Leslie said, “I remember thinking that others could benefit from what we discovered; how to make mealtime an enjoyable and effortless experience, dietary restrictions or not!” Leslie’s sincere desire to help others was the inspiration that led her to found Wildtree in 1996. They try to buy local when possible. Every Wildtree product is natural, containing no additives, preservatives, MGS or food dyes. They oversee every step of the process in house. Most items are gluten and dairy free, unless they specifically say otherwise.

We have used the products and really like them. Another young friend was having a party that Brittany and I went to. I agreed to host an internet party to help out both friends.

If you would like to see what they offer, go to the link below and click on shop now by my name. I love the fajita seasoning and the Italians seasoning. Michael loves their garlic dipping oil. :)

My Wildtree Party

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