Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Gift Idea

The holiday season is coming up. Many people give gifts at this time of year. I have one friend who has a wonderful way to give gifts on Thanksgiving Day. Some like to give a gift to a teacher or a good friend. To some, the thrill is in the shopping for just the right gift. Some couples make it a date night to go out and Christmas shop. I have another friend that plans a day each year with a friend who lives near her and they go spend the day together starting their Christmas shopping. Sometimes your hands get so full carrying lots of small packages, plus your purse or wallet that it is hard to pick up other items to look at. I was thinking it would be really handy to have a backpack. I don't like to put on a backpack normally as I feel confined, but there are lots of new designs out there including sling backpacks. These are simply put up on one shoulder and easily taken off. I like that idea.

There are many ways you can use backpacks. It is great to carry books to school or to the library. If you go hiking, you can keep a water bottle, some fruit or snacks, maybe a sketch pad and pencils. If you are going to an appointment you can have a book or magazines in it to sit and look at while you wait your turn. I have been knitting and this would be a great way to take it along with me where ever I go.

Do you own a backpack? If so, how do you use yours?

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