Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Glory!!!

I heard an ultra-light go over very low, so I ran out with my camera. It was already gone. However, I noticed the wonderful lighting of the late afternoon Autumn sun. The sheep were enjoying the rays. I started taking pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Here is my black sheep. She is a new one. Her name is Shadow.

This is our ram for this year. He is a Katahdin.

On these next pictures, I loved how the sheep were letting the sun hit their faces.

Here is Abigail. She is the new herd matriarch, since Pepper died this summer. Abigail is Sunshine's (my first sheep) granddaughter. I love how they all lined up to come in.

This is one of this years lambs.

Her wool is gorgeous. I love its curl.

Here is the ram.

I got a couple of good pictures of Skye. She is getting so big. She was out in the fenced yard area we have for her.

Here is good old Star. She is now 13 years old. She is a bit slower, but is still going pretty strong.
We are down to one male cat again. Someone took the mom and the 3 kittens. Now, if no one drops off their pregnant female out in the country, then we should be OK.
The oldest Wonderful Neighbor boy came over today and did some work. He planted my garlic and put straw all over the area. While I was outside I looked over and a lot of chickens were in there scratching away. I had to go and shoo them away. We are going to put a fence around that area, but I am not sure I can keep them out until then. I love the lighting on them though.
This is a rooster junior. He is not full grown yet. He is really henpecked and hangs out by himself most of the time. I hope he is able to perform his duties when he is older.
My chickens have free run of the farm. We are having to watch for eggs in out of the way places.

Here is some of the bounty I found today. They are laying really well right now.
Most of the trees look like this.
This type of Oak tree keeps the dead brown leaves through most of the winter. They are still a bit on the orange side, but they turn brown and brittle.
Well, I had pictures of everything but the ultra-light. I never did see it again.


Sharon said...

Sometimes we get a free airshow over our house by a bi-plane. I can always tell when to run out because you can hear the engine roaring up as he climbs and then hear when he dives back down. I have yet to catch it on film though.
Skye surely is getting big but just as beautiful as ever. I love her eyes! The sheep are all so cute with their sweet faces. Our leaves are peaking right now, but soon they'll be gone too.

regina said...

The pictures are beautful. I love the afternoons on the farm. Well, I love every minute on the farm but afternoons are so nice. The animals know it's time to call it a day and come in. I'm wishing for a milk cow but so far it's still in the wishing stage.

Have a blessed day.