Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I had lots of pictures to post, but it won't let me post them. It says internal error. I have tried to get help, but no one seems to be listening this week. :)

On Monday, we went to lunch with my Dad and his wife. One of my Mom's best friends and her husband joined us as well as Brittany. We went to a small diner in a little burg near here. The food was very good and it was not expensive at all. It was suggested by my Dad, since they like to eat there. There was a local at a table near us who kept taking part in our conversation. We had a great time visiting. :)

Tuesday was turkey butchering day as well as turkey pick up day. We had 31 birds. We did end up with one extra as we had a no show. A no show is a rarity, but it does happen.

On Wednesday, we had to run errands, but we did get some stuff done around here.

For Thanksgiving Day we went to Michael's parents and got to see his whole family. Joshua and Brittany joined us there. We left there and stopped by my brother's house for about an hour to say hello to them as well.

Yesterday, we finished up the one wall in the living room and got a baseboard made and on. Then we painted some more.

Today we hope to get that room put all back together. It looks so fresh and clean.

Well, if any of you have any help with blogger and loading pictures let me know. I did go to their help and tried everything they said to try. I also put a post up in the help forum, but so far nobody has answered.

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LadySnow said...

Sounds like a very busy week. Hopefully you can figure out the problem with loading your pics.